The INNOFORM® Trade Fair competition

Organizers the INNOFORM® Trade Fair for the first time prepared a competition, that aimed at selecting the best products technologies and innovations in the following categories:

  • injection mold and its surroundings (hot runner systems, standarised machine elements, non-standarised elements for mold’s building, thermostatic, cooling and cleaning systems, tool steel, supporting materials, systems for collecting and packaging molded parts, fastening techniques, management of the production of injection molds)
  • measurement and additive technology, CAE software (contact and non-contact measurement systems, additive manufacturing systems, technologies for reverse engineering, digital support CAD/CAM)
  • manufacturing technologies (technologies for removal processing, thermo-chemical treatment, surface treatment and finishing, protective coatings,
  • technologies for regeneration of injection molds, additive technologies, joining technologies)
  • machines, tools and devices for processing (milling machines, drilling machines, welding machines, milling cutters, etc.)

Competition entries were evaluated by a specially appointed Commission, consisting of recognized in the community of authorities and experts from the Institutions related to the tool and processing industry in the following composition:

  • dr hab. inż. Marek Szostak, prof. PP – Przewodniczący Komisji Konkursowej
  • prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Bieliński
  • prof. dr hab. inż. Elżbieta Bociąga
  • Stanisław Grabowski
  • Jerzy Domeracki

The Competition Commission decided to award the following prizes:

In the category machines, tools and devices for processing:

  • The main prize: Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM S.A. for Vertical machining center R1000 with 4 and 5 axes
  • The distinction–Instytut Inżynierii Materiałów Polimerowych i Barwników for a prototype extruder W25i with an innovative heating system

  • The distinction–Seco Tools Poland for Steadyline® vibration damping holders drastically 

In the category measurement and additive technology, CAE software:

  • The main prize–Oberon 3D L. Pietrzak i Wspólnicy Sp.j. for The QVI® SNAP™ measurement systems

  • The distinction–PHU Faktor Piotr Pachczyński for Feinmess Suhl digital bandmeter

In the category manufacturing technologies

  • The main prize–Instytut Zaawansowanych Technologii Wytwarzania for the technology of smoothing the surface of elements made by incremental SLS/SLM methods

The competition commission decided to award an additional prize-a distinction for the YG-1 company for the original and modern style of the exhibition presentation

We would like to congratulate all the winners and invite you to participate in the next competition, which will accompany the third edition of the INNOFORM® Trade Fair