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Exhibitors opinion

Tom V. Jorgensen from JORGENSEN EasyTech

Tom V. Jorgensen from JORGENSEN EasyTech

This is our first time at INNOFORM; we came to distribute Universal Robots, our cooperating robots. I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't have high hopes for the event, I just wanted to check it out. There are a lot of visitors who come to the booth not only to chat but to discuss specific issues, and that's the best thing. It is an excellent chance for us to forge even more contacts in the industry. I can see great potential here. We're very likely to come again next year.

Przemysław Wrona from KIPP POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Przemysław Wrona from KIPP POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

This is our first time at INNOFORM and we were pleasantly surprised with the turnout. Our booth was visited by many regular clients, but we are particularly happy about the great number of new contacts, which we hope will lead to new business relations. We noticed that the trade show is mostly local, since the bulk of companies came from neighbouring voivodeships, but there were also some clients from other regions. It is still too early to make a final evaluation of the trade show, but we are very likely to come again next year. This will depend on the sales results of this year's event.

Mariusz Kosibor from BRU Y RUBIO S.L.

Mariusz Kosibor from BRU Y RUBIO S.L.

It's our first time at INNOFORM®. The organization and customer service are very good and efficient; we're very satisfied. Meetings and talks with clients are also OK...Contrary to what we expected, we have met people from all over Poland, not only from the region. It's worth making an appearance at the trade show because it is also attended by a large number of our competitors.

Dariusz Świtaj from EMPLAST

Dariusz Świtaj from EMPLAST

INNOFORM® made a good impression. It's quite clear that the event is growing in scale and it came as a nice surprise to see that more visitors showed up this year. They were interested in our products and new developments. Clients are better informed now; they know who is exhibiting and what products are on display. The information campaign before the trade show proved effective. We felt that customers knew what to expect and what they could see. This also meant they knew what they wanted and came to solve specific issues. We'll see you again next year!"
Dariusz Ciechanowski from CBT POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Dariusz Ciechanowski from CBT POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

This is our second time at INNOFORM®. This year was much better than the last, probably because last year our booth was much smaller and we cooperated with only two producers. From our point of view, the expansion of the trade show's scope beyond the mould industry has served to boost the turnout and increase overall interest in our booth. We haven't tallied all the figures yet, but we can already say that, as for questionnaires alone, 2 or even 2.5 more have been submitted this year. I believe we will meet again next year. We distribute many well-known brands and some have already declared they would like to exhibit with us at INNOFORM®. In terms of turnout, the second day was particularly busy: the booth was staffed by 9 people and all had their hands full.

Robert Banaś from FORMTECH Group

Robert Banaś from FORMTECH Group

We cooperate with many well-known companies in Europe and enjoy a strong presence on the European market of surface processing for injection moulds, press tools and blanking dies. We have won the trust of companies across the continent, including in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal, but also in Mexico.
INNOFORM® has made a good impression on us. Most clients who visit our booth come with specific issues and queries. The region needed an event of this kind and it's had a positive impact on our business as well: we are considering opening a branch in Bydgoszcz. The trade show promotes the town of Bydgoszcz and the region at large.

Anna Świtała, Deputy Chairman of the Board at DIG Świtała
​Anna Świtała, Deputy Chairman of the Board at DIG Świtała

I was very impressed with the first edition of the trade show. Considering its size, I must admit we were surprised we made so many contacts! The event is really something to write home about for a Bydgoszcz-based company like ours. I am very glad that the north of Poland finally has a trade show of its own that we can participate in. We are very glad we did; our stand this year was relatively small, only twenty-odd square metres. It was an experiment but I think we will be a regular client of the INNOFORM trade show.
Robert Dyrda, Oberon Robert Dyrda
OBERON-OPINIUJE-TARGI-INNOFORM​Robert Dyrda, Director of Oberon Robert Dyrda

You can see that this year's edition is bigger than the previous one. I say this due to the number of customers who visited our stand. We have 50% more contacts than last year. This is the only trade fair in this region for the industry and it's definitely worth showing your company here. The second edition was also highly valued by large companies that have a reputation on the market.

Zbigniew Tomaszewski, Deputy CEO of Stäubli Łódź Sp. z o.o.
​Zbigniew Tomaszewski, Deputy CEO of Stäubli Łódź Sp. z o.o.

This is no doubt a very interesting trade show. Processing industry representatives have shown a great interest in our stand, especially in quick connectors, particularly on the second day of the event. The industrial robot attracted less attention, but the assortment of quick connectors better fits the description of the event. I believe that the trade show will bring us a lot of professional contacts. Next year we will probably come back. It is a great opportunity for the region to grow and a very interesting initiative, especially since – until now – nobody has organized industrial trade shows in the north of Poland.
Grzegorz Dytko, Sales Manager at Meusburger
GRZEGORZ-DYTKO-OPINIA-O-TARGACH-INNOFORM​Grzegorz Dytko, Sales Director at Meusburger

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the Fair the highest rating – 10. I liked everything, even the marketing activities promoting the Fair. Attendance was good. The date of the event was also well chosen – a month before other competitive fairs.

Łukasz Wawrzyniak, Owner of Sinkoplex
​Łukasz Wawrzyniak, Owner of Sinkoplex

We were very pleasantly surprised. Despite its relatively small size, the trade show attracted a lot of guests. Visitor interest is extremely high for a first edition. If the formula of the event doesn’t change and interest continues to be high, I think we will come again next year. We strengthened our relations with existing clients and chances are that we have acquired new ones.
Paweł Lichocki, Production Manager at New Technology Sp. z o.o.
​Paweł Lichocki, Production Manager at New Technology Sp. z o.o.

We’ve exhibited in other cities in the past and met many entrepreneurs from the Bydgoszcz hub of the processing industry, so the success of this event came as no surprise to me. I felt that a trade show would be a great way to promote the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and the companies active in the region. The turnout has been great and there is a huge interest in our portfolio, which makes us very glad. Few people come here only to look. Most expect to find specific technologies and concrete knowledge. The event’s select audience is very professional. We are based in Bydgoszcz and, to an extent, this makes us feel like co-hosts of the trade show – we are happy it arrived here. It was sorely needed. We will be here next year as well and I hope the show will be twice as big!
Piotr Lebiecki, Managing Director at HASCO Polska
​Piotr Lebiecki, Managing Director at HASCO Polska

We found the first edition very successful. We met many clients from all over Poland and forged many new contacts that should translate into tangible business contracts in the long term. The trade show is an excellent opportunity to meet existing clients and strengthen business relations. We will be coming back next year.
Przemysław Białek, Area Sales Manager Sandvik
​Przemysław Białek, Area Sales Manager Sandvik

The infrastructure is very good. I remember once a trade show that took place here in a tent. The building is very modern. We wish even more clients had come to our stands. Bydgoszcz and its surroundings are the hub of moulds and matrices – this is the kind of trade show that should be further developed here. I am very impressed
Maciej Ratyński, Sales Director at Abplanalp Sp. z o.o.
To be honest, we came to the INNOFORM trade show in an experimental mode, but we still decided to exhibit our best products here. Apart from showing our standard assortment of Haas machines and devices, we also wanted to present the V5 OPS Ingersoll high-speed milling machine – very popular, especially on the Bydgoszcz market. It found a buyer here during the trade show: the next lucky owner will be Saga. I imagine we will come back to INNOFORM next year.
Andrzej Styczyński, Chairman of the Board at Pafana S.A.
​Andrzej Styczyński, Chairman of the Board at Pafana S.A.

We are very glad we took part in the trade show. There is strong interest in our products; not only the standard ones like cutting tools, but also new technologies, such as lasers and materials that are difficult to process, such as titanium, which we have only recently started working with. Our clients appreciate the chance to meet in person and talk face to face, and I think we have a great opportunity to start a new cooperation. It is also very likely that we will come back next year.
Thomas Braun from KNARR Vertriebs GmbH.
KNARR-O-TARGACH-INNOFORMThomas Braun, Head of Export Sales at KNARR Vertriebs GmbH.

We were at INNOFORM last year and we could not miss it this year, either. For us, it's a very compact trade fair. We make many contacts with new clients and today I can say with high probability that we will meet again next year.

Michał Rzepka – from MB Michał Rzepka

Michał Rzepka – MB Michał Rzepka

We had many customers at our stand, so I hope it will pay off in the future. INNOFORM® Trade Fair is a great opportunity to acquire new contacts or meet your existing clients. Afterwards, potential clients recognise us and it’s much easier to start cooperation. It's easier to talk when you can refer to the first meeting at the Fair. Here we can also show the quality of the tools we offer.