Novelties on Trade Fair INNOFORM®2017

ABPLANALP Ltd. - stand 7

High Speed Eagel V5 milling machine from German company Ingersoll OPS. This is an ideal solution for companies producing precision components, electrodes, inserts and molds. Thanks to the tight machine body and exhaust system, machine is well prepared for machining of graphite electrodes and other dusty materials. Technology HSC provides efficient and precise machining of titanium and all kinds of hardened steel over 50HRC. The gantry design with fixed table, provides large dynamic movements independent of the load of machine table, as well as large treatment space in relation to the size of the machine. Reliable and innovative CNC controller Heidenhain TNC 640 is the perfect complement to the whole product. Machines are available in configurations with 3 and the 5-axis machining.




dFLEX SOFTWARE - stand 27

DFLEX Gantt is an innovative production system. This is an interactive schedule with on-line tracking and logging. The software presents the actual production image and automatically updates the schedule after each production event.




MAG CENTRUM PL Ltd. - stand 75

DRILLTRONIC is the only integrated drilling and tapping units equipped with an innovative system developed with an articulated arm to give maximum working flexibility.



MARCOSTA - stand 65

Polishing Machines


At the beginning of the 2017 Marcosta expanded the scope of cooperation with the Group Lapmaster Wolters. These are mainly precision computer-controlled grinding machines for the final grinding of the production process. Grinders are widely applied: grinding of metal, glass, precious stones, ceramics, semiconductors, and the industries in which this treatment has the largest application is automotive, aviation - including industry Hydraulic and bearing and precision engineering, petrochemical and chemical industry, optical, semiconductor, electronics, medical, as well as cases of special need for super-accurate final machining.



M.S.SPINEX - stoisko 22

SPINWORX® sets a new standard in milling process. This innovative cutter body system has the insert rotates regularly, thus the cutting edge is burnt completely and evenly. Such a solution saves milling time and prolongs the inserts live. 


COOLCAP® - Guarantee of an optimal and effective process. The innovative shrinking arbor system with internal coolant is dedicated to tools without internal coolant. This system provide a cooling jacket along the tool. 




OBERON 3D - stand 8

Cronos3D Dual – advanced version of Cronos3D Italian company Open Technologies is dual having two pre-configurated scan areas from 80 mm to 500 mm with still high accuracy up to 10 µm. 


ACE 7-30 – measuring arm Kreon series Ace 7 with removable laser scanning head. Designed for applications where control is required geometry control with respect to the CAD model or reverse mapping, while desirable method is contactless or high density of earning points.




PAFANA S.A. - stand 82


The universal single edge turning tool for drilling (1) in full material with the possibility of internal turning (2), transverse turning (3), longitudinal turning (4).

Advantages for the Customer:

- the reduction of the tooling costs,

- the ability to perform a flat bottom of drilled hole,

- the reduction of the machine’s setup and programming time,

- a wide range of drilled holes in full material from Ø8 to Ø32 mm,

- directional cooling through the tool ensures the correct chip and hot removal from the machining zone. 




Stigo Ltd. - stand 81


Tool management and more – especially made for manufacturing companies.


Hend-held/table marking systems. Characters, numbers, test symbols, logos and QR Codes can be marked. To use on: plastics, aluminium, stainless steel etc.